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Working closely with our customers and technology partners, Ducit Medical are developing innovative solutions for the Interventional Cardiology and Blood Transfusion sectors, which will improve both patient care and healthcare efficiency.


Our core expertise is in understanding the needs of both the patient and the healthcare provider, and combining this with our innovative design and development capabilities, with a  particular emphasis on the development of devices made from non PVC based materials. 


These alternative materials, not only  provide improved use-ability, biocompatibility and functionality, but they also eliminate the requirement for plasticisers, which are predominantly cyclohexane derivatives and are cytotoxic to the patient.


In addition, our technologies will have a positive impact on the environment  by eliminating the need for fossil fuel based materials and their subsequent disposal.

Our products are currently in development with our first product launch due in June 2021

HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS providing Improved patient care, and healthcare efficiency

Tel: +353-1-5363165 | Fax: +353-1-5363001


Mon - Fri: 9.00am - 5.00pm

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